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Bridge the Gap is a private counselling service based in West Auckland. We help individuals and couples at their point of need – bringing hope to those who are hurting, and empowering them to flourish in both their personal and professional lives. Lead Counsellor Aaron Ironside has over 5000 hours of counselling experience, drawing on his Masters Degree in Psychology. The Bridge the Gap team have decades of experience providing real-life answers to the challenges many of us face. We are committed to work with you to find a future you can be excited about.

What we do

Individual Counselling

Too many people are stuck in a life they no longer want, often weighed down with debilitating issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, drug & alcohol dependancy. Many people live without hope.

Change happens with the help of an expert counsellor, so let’s get started! Most clients see lasting and significant change in under ten sessions.

Couples Counselling

We know “relationships take work”, but for many couples, living together has become “hard work“. Seeing a professional often provides the pathway back to a healthy relationship. Our counselling approach is oriented towards solving the relationship problems, and reviving the feeling of love.

Don’t wait until counselling feels like your last option!

Professional Support

Why do the All Blacks need a coach? Simple – if we have goals, we need help to achieve them. We offer a range of professional coaching services, training sessions, workshops and seminars, catering for individuals and teams in the workplace.

We also provide support for those in the caring professions – counsellors, chaplains, pastors etc.

Creative Therapies

Some people get in touch with their feelings with a paintbrush or crayon in their hands. Creative therapies use a variety of creative techniques to explore and understand intense feelings, and help treat certain conditions. Many people find these therapies allow them to uncover truths that some words cannot capture.  

Not sure if it’s for you? Try it out – the first session is FREE!

Sessions are offered In Person or Zoom Video Chat

You choose what works best for you, In-Person or Zoom. (note – our in-person sessions take place in Swanson, West Auckland)

ph 021 59 57 59

My husband is profoundly different. He isn’t just a bit better than before, he is almost a new person. No longer angry or frustrated, he is consistently relaxed and happy. I don’t understand why rethinking his professional life has had such a massive impact on who he is at home, but I am thrilled with my ’new’ husband.

Aaron Ironside

Lead Counsellor Aaron Ironside has over 5000 hours of counselling experience, drawing on his Masters Degree in Psychology and and a range of counselling modalities. He also leads a team of Welfare Officers at the Ports of Auckland.

Hundreds of clients have experienced the transformation found in discovering the truths that heal the pain and brokenness of our past.

Aaron is a diehard fan of the Warriors, American-style BBQ, and Professional Wrestling!

David Hinchco

Dave has spent over 20 years caring for people and building community. His training includes a certificate in community studies, and a Bachelor of Social Practice (Major in Counselling).

His years of people work began by leading a soup-kitchen called ‘The Gap’, which worked to help those on the streets of Auckland city. Next, he worked at the Auckland City Mission where he fulfilled several roles, including ‘crisis care worker’, and running the Mission’s drop-in centre.

Dave loves U2, graphic novels, and building memories with his daughter Amelia.

Debbi Ironside

Debbi has a lifetime of experience of caring for people and strengthening them through the seasons of life. She has worked with children, teens and adults in a variety of roles in the ‘For Purpose’ sector over the past 30 years.

Debbi uses Creative Therapies to help treat people experiencing a range of issues. Debbi has tertiary qualifications in pastoral care and holds the Level-2 Living Wisdom Certificate. She recently completed training in Interactive Drawing Therapy.

Debbi loves spending time with family and anything that has fur!

Free Creative Therapy Session – Debbi offers a free, no-obligation session. Book yours now!

Why Bridge the Gap?

Bridge the Gap – Counselling and Coaching – is a private counselling service offering help to individuals and couples at their point of need, empowering them to flourish in both their personal and professional lives.

Hundreds of clients have experienced the transformation found in discovering the truths that heal the pain and brokenness of our past.

When things aren’t going well, it’s tempting to think that “the problem is me”, “maybe I’m broken or a bad person?” At Bridge The Gap we don’t believe that’s true. We think the issue is that the gap, between where you are and where you want to be, has become too big.

Most of the time we think that we should be able to handle all of life’s issues by ourselves, but it turns out that sometimes we need a professional counsellor or coach to help us close the gap.

Our team are not gurus with all the answers. We think you are the biggest expert on your own life, but we might know a thing or two to help you move forward.

What our clients say

“I’m the happiest I have been in many years, and so much more relaxed. I am able to laugh freely, find joy in moments, and take part in life instead of just observing from behind my “safe” wall. Thank you for helping me find my way back to really living again.


I will never be able to thank Aaron enough for the work he did with me to overcome a very hard time in my life. As a result of meeting with Aaron, I gained new skills and a new way of thinking that has helped set my mind free. Aaron is definitely top of his field, and I’m forever grateful for the transformation he helped in my life.


“Aaron is an engaging presenter and through his wealth of experience and expertise, he adds perspective to how we can mindfully transverse our landscape for self and others.


Our Approach

At Bridge The Gap we use proven counselling methodologies, but we’re also committed to providing a personal and customisable experience. Our first goal is to help you identify what it is you want from your life. Our second goal is to identify the emotional, psychological and environmental obstacles for reaching those goals. Our third goal is to help you establish a plan to meet those goals and overcome those obstacles.

The best approach to making progress happens on three levels: cognitive, physiological and emotional. As such, we employ techniques from various counselling traditions including: Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, and Psychology to help you manage your feelings and to live fully. We believe that the therapeutic relationship is the medium through which emotional, psychological and spiritual growth can take place. Within a warm, accepting and non-judgmental atmosphere, we want to help you connect to your strengths and empower you to identify and work on the changes you would like to see in your life.

Every time you meet with our team you will be emailed a set of notes called Truth Coaches, which record the new beliefs and strategies we have agreed to implement.

Next Steps …

Don’t hesitate to make contact with us, and begin your journey in discovering a future you can be excited about.

Contact us on phone or email, send us a message, or book a session. (note – our in-person sessions take place in Swanson, West Auckland)

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